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I was practicing my brush lettering one day and the phrase, “witty and kind,” came to mind.

Sometimes smart women are told that they can’t also be kind. They’re told that they have to be brash in order to get their point across or run their business well. I disagree.

I think that we can be both. And if this short phrase resonates with you, I welcome you to download this printable. The download includes a .zip file containing PDF files of both versions – one colored and one black-and-white. Simply download and unzip the file and a folder containing the witty and kind printables will pop out.

They’re intended to be printed letter-sized (8.5x11inches), but since they’re PDF files, you can likely select a different size according to your printer’s settings.

Witty & Kind Printables

Here's the download link.

You can print the file as often as you’d like for your personal use. Please do not redistribute these files. If you know someone who might like them, please direct them to this blog post.

Warm regards,

Annette Francine

What do you think about the phrase, “witty and kind” and how it may or may not relate to the perception of women?


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