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You may need to troubleshoot if one of the following problems occurs with your thermal Printer:

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  • Printing stops and the status indicator light turns red.
  • The status indicator remains red.
  • Prints random or unrecognizable letters or numbers.
Sato International Pte Printers Driver

To troubleshoot a problem, make sure:

  • You chose the correct label stock dimension.
  • The printer case is closed and latched.
  • The labels are loaded in the printer and no labels are missing in the middle of the roll.
  • Labels are not jammed in the label path.
  • The transmissive sensor, which detects the margins between labels, is not dirty.
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To run your thermal printer through Dump (Reset) Mode, do the following:

  1. Turn the printer off using the power switch on the back of the printer.
  2. Press and hold the Feed button while turning the printer back on. The light around the Feed button will begin flashing red.

While the light is flashing red, release the Feed button. The light turns green, three or four labels dispense approximately three seconds later, and then the Dump Mode printout starts printing.

a. Tip: You must release the Feed button while the light is flashing red. If you hold the Feed button too long, the red light will stop flashing, and you will not get a response from the printer. This is not necessarily an indication that the printer is malfunctioning (see Solid Red Light Tip below).

Sato International Pte Printers Driver Download

  1. Press the Feed button once to exit Dump Mode. The light turns green.

Solid Red Light Tip: If a solid red light occurs, turn the printer off for 10 seconds and then back on. The light should return to green. If it still does not return to green, repeat the Dump (Reset) Mode procedure, beginning with step 1. If the light still does not return to green, call UPS Technical Support.

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Troubleshooting a Zebra ZP450 thermal printer

With the printer power off, press and hold the Feed button while you turn on the power.

Release the Feed button immediately after the printer status light turns green (approximately 30 seconds). The printer will print 'Now in DUMP' at the top of the label and then advance to the next label.

Press the Feed button once. The printer will print a label with 'Out of DUMP' at the top.


Troubleshooting labels

The type of printer on which you plan to print these labels determines your options of label stock dimensions. Some label stocks contain an extra area, known as the extended area, so you can customize your labels with a generic barcode, an SSCC-18 barcode, a preprinted label stock, a graphical image of your company logo in *.pcx or *.bmp format, or one to five reference numbers.

Your choice of labels determines how you set up your printer. For instructions, select the appropriate topic:

  • Set Up for Thermal 4 x 8 (Perforated) Labels

How to clean a thermal printer?

It's a good idea to clean the print head on your thermal label printer each time you load a new roll of labels in the printer.

To clean the print head:

Sato International Pte Printers Driver Update

  1. Open the printer case by pulling the cover release tabs forward (these tabs are located on both sides near the top of the printer).
  2. Rub the cleaning pen (supplied with the printer) across the dark area of the print head.
  3. Wait one minute, and then close the printer case.
  4. For further cleaning assistance, refer to your printer documentation.