Sagem Modems Driver

The SAGEMMyC5-2v is a mobile device which can provide modem functionality when connected to a host computer system provided that the proper device driver is installed. The connection normally is hosted over a vacant Universal Serial Bus interface port to allow for faster data exchange between the host controller (Personal Computer) and the. SAGEM [email protected] 800/840. DRIVERS/SOFTWARES: FAQ: USB ADSL MODEM. The SAGEM [email protected]™ 800 modem can operate on any existing ADSL over POTS line. I have tired to upgrade the drivers of the latter 2 but I have had no luck so far in sorting the problem out. Can anyone please help me, I would really appreciate Dave. David, I've just got a new ADSL USB [email protected]


Sagem Modem Driver

Sagem modem drivers


Sagem Modems Driver
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Sagem Modem Drivers

  1. Thomson SpeedTouch 330 Driver

    Thomson SpeedTouch 330 modem driver.

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  2. Sagem [email protected] 800 Driver

    Sagem [email protected] 800 modem driver.

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  3. Firmware Sagem [email protected]

    Firmware [email protected] for Windows/Mac/Linux.

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  4. HiS Driver SDI

    HiS Driver SDI for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista 32-bit.

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  5. SAGEM [email protected] 800/840

    SAGEM [email protected] 800/840 for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista 32-bit, Mac OS 9/X and Linux 32-bit.

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