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  • QSMC QCT Quanta Storage Inc. RoyalTek International Quanta Culture & Education Foundation Quanta Arts Foundation PILOT 【2021.01.23】QCI Announces Dismissal of Director 【2021.01.23】Announcement of Changes In Director & President On Beha.
  • Florida Office 2722 University Drive Coral Springs, FL 33065 Phone: (754) 702-2924 Fax: (754) 702-4283 Michigan Office 13973 Farmington Road Livonia, MI 48154 Phone: (734) 261-9472 Fax: (734) 855-4973.
  • Quanta has extended its businesses into enterprise network systems, home entertainment, mobile communication, automotive electronics, and digital home markets. The company also designs, manufactures and markets GPS systems, including handheld GPS, in-car GPS, Bluetooth GPS and GPS with other positioning technologies.

Illo Quintavalle takes over as group CEO from his father, the founder and chairman Umberto Quintavalle. Carlo Scatturin joins the group as Country Manager for the Italian operations.

Quanta spreads into the Czech Republic with a start-up operation through a partnership with AeroVodochody, a customer in the Aeospace sector. Christian De Conti joins Quanta as Head of International Operations & CEO of Quanta US to help drive the international growth of the group.

Quanta, celebrates 20 years of growth and today is a multinational organization, highly specialized in HR services with major expertise in the Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Automotive, Engineering, Energy, Professional and the ICT verticals.

At Quanta Group, we can effectively answer our client's needs. Thanks to our exemplified ability to thoroughly recruit highly qualified and diverse candidates, along with leveraging our organizational knowledge of different manufacturing environments. We are currently present in six countries globally, including the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic and Brazil.


The company starts new operations in Brazil and the group continues developing while celebrating its first 15 years of activity and reaching total revenues of 100M€.

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The Quanta sports village is renamed Quanta Club and a brand new 4 story building entirely dedicated to fitness is inaugurated.

Quanta starts it’s specialization in ICT after building several new partnerships with large customers.


In 2008, Quanta inaugurates the new Italian HQ office, built inside the Quanta Sports Village.


The global financial crisis briefly slows down Quanta's expansion abroad, but thanks to the support of Finmeccanica and Boeing in the USA some amazing additional opportunities emerge in the Aerospace industry.

The group further increases its international reach by enlarging its footprint and opening new branch offices in Romania and Switzerland.


Quanta continues to grow in Italy. Opening more than 10 branches and doubling their revenue over 5 consecutive years.

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In 2000 Quanta Human Resources is founded. That is a company which specializes in funded training and sets the basis to launch the group in the international scene. As its first venture abroad, Quanta Human Resources opens Quanta Switzerland, the first step towards becoming an international group.

In 2001-2002 the group expands its international footprint by openings Quanta U.S. and Quanta Romania. In 2004 the Aerospace Industry becomes one of the main specializations throughout the group.

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Umberto Quintavalle and Umberto Signorini found Antex Temporary Work and soon after Vincenzo Mattina joins the group. The company is authorized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, one of the first of its kind in this sector.

In March 1998, The Quintavalle family takes over 100% of Antex Temporary Work and the company is soon after renamed as Quanta Temporary Work. Quanta buys a multifunctional sports center from Montedison and starts developing a 24 Sports Village.

Quanta Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 64

The foundation of the company is set with the main goal to keep up the Italian excellence while growing an international platform.