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Global American. 30+ Years Building Ultra-Reliable Embedded Computer Hardware. Fanless Embedded Computers; Panel PC; Actively Cooled; Tablets. Quanmax or its authorized agent; or if the failure is caused by accident, acts of God, or other causes beyond the control of Quanmax or the manufacturer. Neglect, misuse, and abuse shall include any installation, operation, or maintenance of the product other than in accordance with the user’s guide. Quanmax added a new photo to the album: Product. December 5, 2019 QBOX-100P Series is a mini DIN Rail box PC powered by Intel® Atom® E3900 Series and Celeron® / Pentium® N-Series processors, for using as an entry-level controller / recorder platform installed inside a machine, a cabinet or a separate cubicle where DIN rails are available. The vast majority of laptops on the market (94% in 2011) are manufactured by a small handful of Taiwan-based original design manufacturers (ODM), although their production bases are located mostly in mainland China. Major relationships include: Quanta sells to (among others) HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Dell, NEC, and Fujitsu. Taiwan-based Quanta Computer was originally expected to take a position on the board of directors of Quanmax (renamed from Kontron Asia), a joint venture maker of industrial PCs between Germany.

QBOX1600 Quanmax - QBOX1600 06Liter Fanless Box PC with Intel CedarviewM Atom N2600 Processor Fanless Design and 06Liter Compact Sized Intel CedarviewM Atom N2600


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