Pr Electronics A/s Port Devices Driver

The FDT concept can be compared with the simplified methodology used in office communication. Take for example a printer with a suitable device driver and an integrated user interface. Just like the printer driver in the office world, a specific driver for a field device - the DTM (Device Type Manager) - ensures smooth communication between the system level and field devices in the FDT world. The DTM combines all device functions and data, whether for a single field device, an interface module, a remote IO system, or even entire device families.

Pr Electronics A/s Port Devices DriverDevices

Unlike device-only descriptions, DTM also offer advanced features for display and user guidance. With its uniform technological basis, the PACTware operating concept - for a very wide range of manufacturer-specific field components - remains consistent and always recognizable for the user. This minimizes the amount of work involved, ensures safety at the application level, and reduces training requirements.

Windows Virtual Serial Port Driver - Driver that allows ProComSol USB modem to act as a serial port in Windows applications. Used by HM-USB-ISO and HM-USB-PWR. HART Modem DTM - DTM for HART modems needed for FDT/DTM sofltware. HM Test Program, PC - Program to test the installation of the HM-USB-ISO and HM-BT-BAT-ER on a PC. PR Electronics 9107B HART transparent driver for operation and drive control of I/P converters, valves and indicators mounted in hazardous areas. Operation of HART devices is possible as the unit transmits HART communication signals bi-directionally. Used anywhere intrinsically safe levels of energy need to be sent to devices located in. As the devices can be mounted without distance between neighboring units, up to 84 channels can be mounted per meter. Environmental Conditions PR electronics 5107B HART transparent driver 5107B. Loop Link 5909 is a communications interface for configuration and monitoring of PR electronics’ PC-programmable devices using our PReset software. Application The PReset software is used for the configuration of these devices. PACTware is the manufacturer and fieldbus-independent operating software for all field devices and protocols. PACT ware brings together companies with a wide variety of skill sets. Designed as a manufacturer and fieldbus-independent solution, PACT ware forms the framework for uniform device configuration and operation in the field of automation.


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In one of the first steps of the application software, PACTware combines all of a plant's device drivers, including the communication drivers, into a single project. The corresponding DTMs are selected from the device catalog and inserted into the project. Just a little work creates clarity and, thanks to an improved workflow, also saves time:

Pr Electronics A/s Port Devices Drivers

  • When customizing the configuration
  • When changing individual parameters (also at a later stage)
  • Simulating functions
  • For detailed diagnosis
  • For creating documentation