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Microsoft Windows 64-bit versions

At installation Microsoft Windows 64-bit versions create two program files folders, Program Filesand Program Files(x86). 64-bit Windows redirects the Program Files folder for all programs that are 32-bit during the installation to the Program Files(x86) folder. 64-bit programs are installed into the Program Files folder.

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When installing on a 64-bit Windows operating system, therefore, Polar software (for example Si8000m, Si9000e, Speedstack, CGen) installs in the Program Files(x86)Polar folder. The Polar licensing system supports both floating licenses and licenses node-locked to a machine's ethernet address or to FLEXnet ID dongles.

Licenses node-locked to a FLEXnet ID dongle

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To ensure correct operation on 64-bit versions of Windows, USB FLEXnet ID software key-based licenses will require the latest USB driver. Software key drivers are available via the Downloads page.

Licenses node-locked to a computer

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To use a license exclusively on one laptop computer, the license can be node-locked to an address associated with that computer. Polar licenses employ an ethernet (MAC) address on the computer. The license file resides on the computer associated with the licensed address. Polar licenses are node-locked to a valid ethernet address.

Locating license files on 64-bit systems

Most applications have an expected location for the license file. Polar software is set by default to look in the Program FilesPolarLicences folder for the license file. On a 64-bit installation the software may therefore fail to locate the license file on first time use. The software should, however, request the location of the license file or license server via the FLEXlm License Finder; navigate to the license location and choose the license file, the license location should then be retained by the license manager for future reference.

The software License Finder will prompt for a License File / Server location. Ensure that “Specify the License File” is selected and select Next to continue.

The License Finder prompts for the license file name. Enter the path/filename or click the Browse button to navigate to the file. (Using the Choose License File Dialog, for a default installation browse to C:Program FilesPolarLicences and select the license file; select Open. The License Finder will display the license file specified (your license file may be named differently).

Select Next to continue. The License Finder should display its completion message.

The software may display a message to indicate how many days are remaining before the license expires. Select OK to continue.

Note: under certain circumstances (e.g. 64-bit systems) you may not see the FLEXlm License Finder dialog box when you launch the application. The application claims it can not find a license and exits. This may indicate that an invalid license was found but not recognized. Delete any old or invalid licenses and restart the application. You should now see the License Finder dialog.

Old invalid license paths may be cleared via the Help Reset Licence Settings command

If you see the following message (i.e. the license settings have already been reset):

it may be necessary to start the LMTOOLS utility and use the LMTOOLS 'Utilities' tab to add a vendor path manually. Specify the path and click Add Vendor Path. For a default installation browse to C:Program FilesPolarLicences and select the license file.

It may be necessary to select the 'Start/Stop/Reread' tab and ReRead the license file.

Adding environment variables

If the above process is not successful it may be necessary to add an environment variable using the variable name: POLAR_LICENSE_FILE. The variable value will be either the server or license folder:

C:Program FilesPolarLicences;[email protected](server name)

Note that for a floating license, setting the POLAR_LICENSE_FILE variable to [email protected] (rather than the local license file location) will reduce the delay in locating the server. (If the variable is set to the local license file the tools will need to query the license file to learn the name of the server.)

To add environment variables:

Windows XP

Start Control Panel System Advanced tab Environment Variables New... and add the Variable name and Variable value in their respective text boxes.


Windows 7

Start Control Panel System Advanced system settings... Environment Variables New... and add the Variable name and Variable value in their respective text boxes.

Please consult with your IT department before trying either of the above options.

For more details on resetting the license path on 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 see Polar Application Note AP610

Installing Polar hardware key locked software

Installing hardware key drivers

If a hardware key has been purchased it will be necessary to install the key drivers (available from the Polar web site support page.)

Note: the key driver below is supported by Polar software versions 21.01 or later

Download the FLEXId FlexID Key Driver Installer.

Unzip the installation files into a suitable folder then navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer and open a command window (selecting the folder in Windows Explorer, then holding the shift key down and right-clicking the folder and choosing one of the options below:)

Open command window here:

or Open PowerShell window here:

In Windows Explorer, double click the installer file, haspdinst.exe, to display the command line options to install the key drivers; double click FLEXID9_README.html and follow the installation instructions.

Polar Box Driver Download Windows 7


haspsrm_win32.dll is needed to report the FLEXID9 hostids – even on 64-bit Windows systems.

The key driver DLL can be installed in one of two ways:

Option 1:

On 64-bit Windows systems, copy haspsrm_win32.dll to C:WindowsSysWOW64

On 32-bit Windows systems, copy haspsrm_win32.dll to C:WindowsSystem32

Option 2:

A customised dongle library path can be set using the environment variable FLEXID_LIBRARY_PATH according to Producer requirements. The best practise is to set the path to the same folder as producer application. On 64-bit Windows systems, both haspsrm_win64.dll and haspsrm_win32.dll should be copied to this folder.

Installing the drivers

To install the driver, navigate to the installation folder and at the command line type:

haspdinst -install

and press <Return> to initiate the installation.

If your copy of Windows displays a PowerShell window:

it will be necessary to type:

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.haspdinst -install

The installer should report the drivers correctly installed.

Installing the hardware key DLLs

It will also be necessary to install hardware key (dongle) DLL haspsrm_win32.dll for both 32 and 64-bit platforms.

It may be necessary to restart the machine to complete the installation.

Plug in the USB key.

Note: allow the machine to detect and install the USB key fully before running the Polar software.

With the USB key drivers installed you should see the following entries in the USB Controller list

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The USB key light should be lit.

If you are upgrading your hardware key driver and already have a valid .lic activation file this completes the procedure.

If you have a new installation and do not yet have a valid .lic file for your key – please read on:

Generating the license file

To generate the license file it will be necessary to gather information that uniquely identifies your system.

Requesting a node-locked license

Use Windows Explorer to browse to the C:Program FilesPolarLicences folder and run lmtools.exe.

From within LMTOOLS select System Settings (see screen shot below.)


If you are using a hardware key, ensure the key is installed as described above and that the FLEXID field is populated. The number shown should match the number etched on the hardware key. If the field is empty please contact your local Polar Representative.

Save this information by selecting the Save HOSTID Info to a File. Enter a filename, choose a suitable folder location and select Save. The LMTOOLS utility may now be closed.

Email the HOSTID file(s) created to [email protected]. The license file will be returned to you shortly.