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Pleora Technologies
IndustryNetworked Video Connectivity, Ethernet, Machine Vision,
HeadquartersOttawa, ON and Quebec, QC
George Chamberlain, CEO

Pleora Technologies Inc. is a privately held Canadian company that specializes in video transmitters and receivers that enable the streaming of data or video in real-time over standard Gigabit Ethernet networks. The company was founded in 2000 by George Chamberlain and Alain Rivard.

Pleora introduces 10GigE and USB3 Vision network video engines. Pleora Technologies is expanding their suite of networked video connectivity products to include a GigE Vision IP engine which uses10 GigE Technology (the iPORT NTx-Ten), and a compact transmitter which enables rapid creation of USB3 Vision (the iPORT NTx-U3) compliant cameras. The Melbourne, FL location of Leonardo DRS houses three different lines of business: Airborne & Intelligence Systems, Electro-Optical & Infrared Systems, and Land Electronics. The facility is a Network Operations and Manufacturing Center of Excellence, featuring Mounted & Aviation EO/IR Systems Design, Engineering and Production, Rugged System Design, Manpack / SIGINT / SCIF, a System.


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Pleora works with integrators and manufacturers designing real-time imaging systems for the industrial automation, military, and medical sectors. The company provides hardware solutions[buzzword] (external frame grabbers and embedded video interfaces) that stream imaging and sensor data over Ethernet or USB networks, software for device management, image acquisition and display, and custom solutions.[buzzword] The company's products are designed into a diverse range of applications, including automated inspection systems, local situational awareness in military vehicles, and X-ray flat panel detectors.

Pleora network & wireless cards driver downloads


In 2003, Pleora served as a key member of a team of 12 leading industry players who initiated development of a standard for the delivery of high-speed imaging data over Gigabit Ethernet.[1][2][3] The management of the standard later moved to the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) and became known as the GigE Vision Standard initiative. Version 1.2 of the GigE Vision standard was ratified in January 2010.[4]

Pleora's hardware and software products have received numerous awards, including the Frost & Sullivan 2007 Product Innovation Award (iPORT Connectivity Solution)[3] and Best Software in Advanced Imaging Pro's 2007 Readers Choice Awards (eBUS Driver Suite).[5]

Pleora has a global network of partners and distributors and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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Ottawa-based Pleora Technologies will be demonstrating how its RuggedCONNECT Smart Video Switching platform and situational awareness software provide critical decision-support capabilities to increase mission effectiveness for ground vehicle crew at the International Armoured Vehicles 2020 conference (Twickenham Stadium, London, United Kingdom, Jan. 20-23).

Pleora’s RuggedCONNECT platform converts sensor data from multiple sources into a standardized feed that is transmitted over a low latency, multicast Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) network to endpoints. Manufacturers can design straightforward camera-to-display systems and cost-effectively evolve to fully networked architectures integrating different sensor and display types, switching, processing, and recording units. With all devices connected to a common infrastructure, vehicle crew can view information they need on a single display and know immediately if something has changed in their environment.

Combining the high-performance networking of RuggedCONNECT with the powerful GPU resources of the NVIDIA Jetson TX2i, designers can easily add machine learning-based decision-support capabilities to help reduce cognitive burden and increase mission effectiveness. Advanced situational awareness software, available as solution plug-ins for RuggedCONNECT, includes automatic threat detection, region of interest, and rollover warning capabilities to improve battlefield intelligence.

Pleora has announced technology partnerships with Mission Control Space Services and to develop machine-learning artificial intelligence capabilities for military imaging platforms. For more on Pleora’s artificial intelligence capabilities for military applications visit

Pleora Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download

Global manufacturers are designing Pleora’s military imaging expertise into local situational awareness (LSA), Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), remote controlled weapon stations (RCWS), driver vision enhancement (DVE), and panoramic surveillance applications.

Pleora President Harry Page will be discussing how understanding challenges and mission goals for vehicle crew members is critical when developing new technology for the military market. Joining Mr. Page will be Alan Bolster. Mr. Bolster spent over 37 years in uniform with the Canadian army, and has experience both in Canada and internationally as a tank and reconnaissance officer with operational tours in Germany, the Middle East, and Afghanistan. Pleora’s presentation – “Real-Time Sensor Networking for Mission Critical Applications” – is on January 20th at 11 a.m., as part of the IAV 2020 MRO & Retro In-Service Support Focus Day.

About Pleora Technologies

Pleora Technologies invented high-performance frame grabbers and embedded hardware for the delivery of sensor data over Gigabit Ethernet, and leads the market in interfaces for USB 3.0. With this spirit of innovation, Pleora engineers reliable sensor interfaces and embedded vision gateways for system manufacturers and camera companies serving the military, medical, and industrial automation sectors. Pleora provides end-to-end solutions that shorten time-to-market, reduce risk, and lower costs. We partner with our customers and tailor products to meet their individual needs. Find out more at