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RIELLO UPS is one of the leading European company for single and three phases UPS on the range from 400 VA to 6400 kVA. Riello UPS part of the Riello Elettronica Group Backed by 20 year’s. Hello All, I am new here and it is my first post. I am looking to set-up a 5.1 system and currently struggling to choose between KEF Q series and Klipsch RP series. The initial setup idea are as follows: KEF Q700 (2) Q300 (2) Q600C Q400b Klipsch RP 260F (2) is there a significant advanatage. S sole responsibility and customer's sole remedy under this warranty is, at RPS S.p.a.' S option, to repair or replace all or any portions of the software, or to refund any license fee paid. This limited warranty is valid only if RPS S.p.a. Receives written notice within the warranty period. Limitation of Warranties and Liability.

Also known as an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) or Voltage Regulator (VR), an Automatic Voltage Stabiliser (AVS) stabilises the mains power supply voltage to a load.

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It is a feature of Line Interactive uninterruptible power supplies and provides protection from power problems such as sags, brownouts and surges.

Automatic Voltage Stabilisers have a wide input voltage window (+20/-40%). If the input supply voltage is too low, the AVS uses a transformer to boost (step-up) the output voltage. On the other hand, if the input supply voltage is too high, the AVS reduces the voltage to a safe operating range (this process is known as buck or step-down).

Output voltage tends to track the input voltage window as there’s no need for any voltage regulation.

Some AVS incorporate a filter that provide both the load and the stabiliser itself with limited protection from spikes, transients and electrical noise.

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12 December 2006

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