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  1. MyAir is scheduled to be offline for system maintenance between Wednesday, January 27, 2021 1:00 PM (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time and Thursday, January 28, 2021 5:00 AM (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time.
  2. The ResMed ResScan™ Smart Card Reader for S8™ and S8™ II Machines is the card reader allowing ResMed CPAP users to download information from a ResScan Smart Card for processing by ResScan software. The card reader is connected to a windows computer (not included with purchase) USB connection.

AirView is ResMed’s cloud-based patient management system that provides remote clinical insight into your patients’ therapy data.

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OSCAR 1.1.0 supports the devices listed below. Most of the machines listed as Not supported do not provide the necessary data for OSCAR to read. Please note that many machines are known by different names in different markets.

  • 1Philips Respironics Machines
  • 2Resmed Machines
  • 3DeVilbiss
  • 4Fisher & Paykel
  • 5Löwenstein / Weinmann
  • 6Apex, BMC, Luna
  • 7Pulse Oximeters

Philips Respironics Machines

Drivers resmed machine

Fully Supported by Oscar

The following machines have been tested and are supported by OSCAR v1.2.0

Dreamstation CPAP & APAP

  • DreamStation CPAP (200X110) - limited, see note * below
  • DreamStation CPAP Pro (400X110, 400X150)
  • DreamStation Go (400G110)
  • DreamStation Auto CPAP (500X110, 500X120, 500X130, 500X150)
  • DreamStation Go Auto (500G110, 502G150)
  • DreamStation BiPAP Pro (600X110)
  • DreamStation Auto BiPAP (700X110)

Dreamstation BiPAP & ASV

  • DreamStation BiPAP autoSV (900X110, 900X120, 900X150)
  • DreamStation BiPAP S/T 30 (1030X110)
  • DreamStation BiPAP S/T 30 with AAM (1030X150)
  • DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS 30 (1130X110)
  • DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS 30 AE (1131X150)

System One 60 Series

  • REMstar Plus (System One 60 Series) (261CA) - limited, see note * below
  • REMstar Pro (System One 60 Series) (460P, 461P, 462P, 461CA)
  • REMstar Auto (System One 60 Series) (560P, 561P, 562P, 560PBT)
  • BiPAP Pro (System One 60 Series) (660P)
  • BiPAP Auto (System One 60 Series) (760P)
  • BiPAP autoSV Advanced (System One 60 Series) (960P, 961P)
  • BiPAP autoSV Advanced 30 (System One 60 Series) (960T)
  • BiPAP S/T 30 (System One 60 Series) (1061T)
  • BiPAP AVAPS 30 (System One 60 Series) (1160P)

System One

  • REMstar Plus (System One) (251P) - limited, see * note below
  • REMstar Pro (System One) (450P, 451P, 452P)
  • REMstar Auto (System One) (550P, 551P)
  • BiPAP Pro (System One) (650P)
  • BiPAP Auto (System One) (750P)
  • BiPAP AutoSV Advanced System One (950P, 951P)

C Series

  • BiPAP S/T (C Series) (1061401)

Dorma - limited, see note * below

  • Dorma 500 Auto (System One 60 Series) (501V) - limited, see note * below'

* NOTE: 200-series and Dorma machines report only settings and hours used. They do not record detailed efficacy data, and therefore should be avoided.

Resmed Machines

Fully Supported by Oscar

The following machines have been tested and are supported by OSCAR v1.1.0

Resmed Airsense 10 and Aircurve 10

  • Airsense 10 Elite
  • Airsense 10 Autoset
  • Airsense 10 AutoSet for Her
  • Aircurve 10 S (Lumis 100 VPAP S)
  • Aircurve 10 ST (Lumis 150 VPAP ST)
  • Aircurve 10 ST-A (Lumis 150 VPAP ST-A)
  • Aircurve 10 VAuto
  • Aircurve 10 ASV (PaceWave CS)

Resmed S9 Series

  • Elite CPAP
  • Autoset
  • Autoset for Her
  • VPAP S
  • VPAP Auto
  • VPAP Adapt (AutoSet CS)

Not Supported by Oscar

  • AirStart (all models)
  • Airsense 10 CPAP
  • AirMini
  • S9 CPAP SE
  • S9 Escape CPAP
  • S9 Escape Auto
  • Resmed S8 and earlier series


Partly Supported by Oscar

  • DV54 Auto
  • DV64 CPAP
  • DV64 Auto

Fisher & Paykel

Partly supported by Oscar

  • Icon
  • Icon+

--Note: Fisher & Paykel does not store a 'Flow Rate' signal, so no waveform graph, nor analysis is possible, (Events, Pressure, AHI, Snore, Leak Rate, and advanced charts: Resp. Rate, Tidal Volume, Minute Volume, Time at Pressure).

Not Supported by Oscar

  • Sleepstyle

Löwenstein / Weinmann

Partly supported by Oscar

  • Prisma
  • Somnobalance

Apex, BMC, Luna

Not supported by OSCAR


Pulse Oximeters

Oximetry Wizard

Data from the following pulse oximeters can be imported via OSCAR's Oximetry Wizard:

Drivers Resmed Machine

  • Contec CMS-50D+, CMS-50-E, CMS-50E
  • Contec CMS-50F, CMS-50H, CMS-50I (v3.7 firmware or later)
  • Pulox PO-200/300/400/500

Manual Import

Beginning in OSCAR 1.1.0, the following pulse oximeters are imported via OSCAR's Data > Import Viatom Data... menu. See Viatom File Import for how to download and import their data files.

  • Viatom/Wellue SleepU
  • Viatom/Wellue O2Ring

Drivers Resume Sample


Sleep Monitors

Data from the following sleep monitors can be imported via the Data menu.

  • Zeo
  • Dreem
  • Somnopose (iPhone sleep position monitor)
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Here is an example of a CPAP compliance report. This is from the user/drivers PAP memory chip, usually an SD type card they can produce or report from or their CPAP machine vendor can get it for them to present to their doctors, or a code generated from the machine they can input online to generate the report.

This CPAP compliance report is for a period of 90 days. Note that usage is greater than 4h/night on at least 70% of nights (89%), demonstrating excellent compliance with treatment. The AHI is also 3.9, you want to be sure it is under 20. If it is higher than 20, they may not be well controlled and should be sent for adjustment of their PAP machine settings.
In this case, with good control, I would then give a 1 year certification and check a similar report at that time which should show 70% of the time over a year of minimum 4h/night.

Drivers Resmed Airsense 10

Of course you still want to be sure there is no excessive daytime sleepiness nor any other criteria that would impede safe operation of a commercial vehicle.

Drivers Resmed System

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