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Superchips Ltd
PredecessorP.J. Detection Techniques
FounderPeter Wales
Key people
Ian Sandford (managing director)
ServicesElectronic engine tuning
SubsidiariesSuperchips Inc. (sold to MSD Ignition in 2005)

Superchips Ltd was a British company specialising in electronic engine tuning of cars. It was established in 1977 by Peter Wales as P.J. Detection Techniques, and was renamed Superchips in 1991. The company is based in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire,[1] and has dealers of its products worldwide. Ian Sandford is the Managing Director.

The company provides engine control unit (ECU) upgrades to produce more power and torque for a wide range of popular vehicles such as:

Powerteq USBCAN Driver (WinUSB) Powerteq - Shareware - more info. More Windows-Treiberpaket - SYS TEC electronic GmbH (USBCAN) USB-CAN-Hardware (. The drivers are for the Garmin ANT USB-m device. It's a USB device that connects to PC through a USB port to store and manage the data on the USB device. If you don't have such device, then it's recommended to uninstall it. If we can help you with anything else, let us know.

  • BMW 1 Series[2]
  • Ford Focus[3]
  • Renault Clio V6[4]
  • ┼ákoda Fabia[5]
  • Volkswagen Golf[6]

The additional power is produced by re-mapping the ECU's settings by changing various settings created by the car's original manufacturer. The company also produces the Bluefin tool that plugs into a car's diagnostic port and allows for re-mapping to be done at home.

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American subsidiary[edit]


In 1992, Superchips Inc. was established in Sanford, Florida, US[7] and developed products for the North American market. The subsidiary was sold to MSD Ignition in 2005 for $40 million.[8] The company was merged with Edge Products in 2011[9] and the Superchips brand of products is now distributed by Powerteq, LLC.


Superchips is the official tuning partner of Volkswagen Racing UK and provides custom remapping on all VW Racing UK's cars for Volkswagen Racing Cup. The company also provides tuning to Mini Coopers in the Scottish Mini Challenge,[10] and to all cars in the BRDC's Single Seater Championship at Silverstone.[11]

Superchips is a technical consultant for the Michelin Porsche Club Championship and provides sponsorship to several motorsport drivers including Matt Neal, a British Touring Car Champion,[12]Tim Harvey, British Touring Car Champion and Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain Champion and Tim Mullen, British GT Champion.[13]


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