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Orteco designs and manufactures hydraulic pile drivers for safety barriers, solar plants, fences and vineyards and produces machines for special purposes, such as drilling and blade laying. The range of ORTECO’s pile drivers, all CE-marked, includes self-propelled crawlers units, and lorry, excavator, crane mounted units.


Hammer rating: 1200 J
Engine: Hatz 3L41-C
Pile max. diameter and max. lenght: 210x210 mm; 4.5 m
Weight: 5000 kg

Drivers Ortec

The ORTECO 1000 FEX pile driver is a new machine created to meet the need to drive posts under difficult conditions, off-road and with steep gradients: a situation often encountered when working on photovoltaic installations.

The particular features of the new machine are:

  1. Crawler-mounted with iron chain and rubber-coated iron shoes.
    This solution permits the crawler to operate on difficult terrain without suffering damage and be used on asphalt and cement without damaging their surfaces. It may also be loaded on ramps in perfect safety.
  2. Hydraulically extendable crawler.
    We adopted a crawler larger, length mm 2.500 and width 200 mm, with a hydraulic device can be enlarged up to mm.2700.
    This solution gives to the pile driver greater stability in the work pending.
  3. Accessories
    The 1000 FEX pile driver may be fitted with:
    HYDRAULIC ROTOR, for using down-the-hole-hammers on rock or for “screwing in” poles into the ground with a volute
    HYDRAULIC DRILL for excavations of various different diameters
    EXTRACTOR with dual action for extracting poorly driven or incorrectly positioned poles
    LASER laser receiver for stopping the hammer stroke at the required level
    VERTICALITY CONTROL manual macro control of verticality

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The result is a truly complete, dependable, versatile, compact machine. We’re satisfied with the results and plan to produce a large number of machines of this type in the near future.

Technical data:

Hammer ratingjoule 680/1060
Maximum diameter of postmm. 200
Maximun lenght of postmm. 2800 (std) / 6000 (opt)
Engine Hp 44,2 / Kw 32,4
Total weightkg. 5000


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