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A motorist who is traveling slowly in the left lane, either maintaining comparable speed to the traffic in the right lane, or failing to pass vehicles in the right lane, is considered to be “camping” or “left-lane camping”. While the action may seem harmless on the surface, this type of driving can have severe consequences, including causing an accident, obstructing traffic flow and thereby causing a traffic jam, and even receiving a ticket and fine for the camping driver.

Given our experience as Orlando traffic defense attorneys, we at 911 Biker Law and The Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. can tell you that such “slowpoke” driving in the left lane is illegal in Florida, and it can earn the driver a hefty fine. As with other traffic laws, safety is the rationale for enforcing the camping laws, and for that reason the popularity of such laws is on the rise nationwide.

Traffic Laws in Florida for Slowpoke Driving

Being a traffic attorney in Orlando means we have insight into the various traffic statutes impacting local bikers and drivers. Per Florida statute 316.081, motorists are supposed to drive in the right-most lane or on the right-hand side of the road most of the time, while the left lane is reserved for passing other vehicles or when the right lane is obstructed. Accordingly, riding or driving in the left lane for purposes other than passing a vehicle or avoiding an obstruction is an infraction. Sponsored messaging campaigns advertising “slower traffic keep right” and a minimum fine of $121 for slowpoke driving are recent promotions of the law.

Download Slower Traffic Keep Right (stkr) Driver License

Florida isn’t the only state to make left-lane camping illegal. Laws are on the books for slowpoke driving in several other states, and the fines associated with them are likewise hefty. Additionally, the popularity of laws to reduce slow left-lane driving appears to be rising in legislatures nationwide, which means more states are considering them and may soon have such statutes on the books.

Safe Driving is the Goal

The source of the rising popularity of laws against slow left-lane drivers is safety. Being that driving in the left lane should be synonymous with passing vehicles in the right lane, a slow car can cause quite a stir.

Download Slower Traffic Keep Right (stkr) Driver
  • Car Accidents: Cruise control settings and the physical feeling of maintaining high speeds can provide drivers a sense of urgency and a need to continue traveling as such speeds. However, with a slow car in the left lane, a driver may approach the vehicle too quickly from behind, and may not have time to or the ability to pass on the right. If you are not passing another vehicle, move over and let traffic through.
  • Traffic Jams: A slow car in the left lane causes other vehicles to pass them on the right. This unnatural flow of traffic can be dangerous as it forces the other drivers to swerve into the right lane, then likely swerve back into the left lane to continue traveling. Don’t be selfish — move over and let faster vehicles by.
  • Road Rage: Few things can be as frustrating to a driver as when the driver ahead won’t pass or move over. Selfish and distracted driving can easily lead to road rage, a condition where anger, frustration and other emotions overwhelm a driver that could lead to drastic or dangerous driving. Road rage is often caused by another person driving while distracted, such as driving while texting or talking on the phone.

As any good traffic defense lawyer in Orlando will tell you, road rage can lead to other infractions and citations for bikers and drivers. But much of the safety risks are on the shoulders of the slowpoke driver. Although driving slowly in the left lane can simply be a bad habit, it can also be an indication of distracted driving, like when a motorist is texting while behind the wheel.

Traffic Defense Attorneys in Orlando, FL

Download Slower Traffic Keep Right (stkr) Drivers

Since Florida is one of the states with a statute that makes left-lane camping illegal, it’s a good idea for local bikers and drivers to keep the name and contact information of a traffic ticket defense attorney in Orlando, like 911 Biker Law and The Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., with your other important automotive documents. Whether you get pulled over for being a slowpoke driver, or you receive a fine for speeding after trying to pass a left-lane camper in the right lane, you can contact our law firm for help. With all our years of experience dealing with traffic laws and other legal concerns for bikers, you can expect nothing short of exceptional representation from our team at 911 Biker Law.

Download Slower Traffic Keep Right (stkr) Driver Download

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Download slower traffic keep right (stkr) drivers licenseDriver

Download Slower Traffic Keep Right (stkr) Drivers License

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