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UPDATE POSTED 4/23/2020 AT 1300 MDT

  1. Download Ross Driver License
  2. Download Driver Ross Tech Hex Usb

SUBJECT: NAP Outage Tonight, April 23, 2020, at 2200, lasting 3 hours.

Passionate about live production, Ross Video designs, manufactures and delivers dependable technology and services that power exceptional live video productions seen by billions of viewers around the world every day.

  • Download the driver setup file for ross-tech ross-tech direct usb interface driver from the link below. Operativos, your first aftermarket vag-tool. Your ross-tech direct usb library version 03. Run the driver setup file from a windows account with the highest privileges rights.
  • The new driver supports the latest AJA driver (12.3.7) and has been tested on Corvid22, Corvid88, Kona3G, ioXT, and io4K with existing features (8-channel audio, up/down conversion when available) plus the following: – Support for a configurable number of fill/key outputs. – Fill-only outputs (requires license).

ISSUE: iNAP 1.3.15 will be deployed Thursday, April 23, 2020, starting at 2200 and lasting 3 hours. During this time all applications that authenticate via the NAP wil be inaccessible. Those applications are IROC, ICBS, e-ISuite, WIMS and INCIWEB, and FAM-FTP.

START: 4/23/2020 at 2200 MDT

STOP: 4/24/2020 at 0100 MDT

USER ACTION: No action required.


UPDATE POSTED 3/4/2020 AT 1545 MST

SUBJECT: NAP Outage Tomorrow Night, March 5, 2020, at 2200, lasting 3 hours.

ISSUE: NAP 1.3.14 will be deployed Thursday, March 5, 2020, starting at 2200 and lasting 3 hours. During this time all applications that authenticate via the NAP will be down those applications are ICBS, e-ISuite, ROSS Practice, WIMS and INCIWEB.

START: 3/5/2020 at 2200 MST

STOP: 3/6/2020 at 0100 MST

USER ACTION: No action required.



UPDTE POSTED 2/13/2020 AT 1200 MST


ISSUE: There will be a ROSS Production Outage tonight, February 13, 2020, starting at 2230 and lasting 1.5 hours, for NESS Monthly Maintenance,

START: 2/23/2020 AT 2230 MST

ENDING: 2/23/2020 AT 2400 MST

USER ACTION: No action required.


UPDATE POSTED 01/28/2020 AT 1100 MST


ISSUE: There will be a ROSS and NAP outage tonight, January 28th, 2020, starting at 2000 MST to perform the ROSS Annual Archive and deploy NAP Version 1.3.13.

START: 1/28/2020 AT 2000 MST


END: 1/29/2020 AT 0130 MST

Download Ross Driver License



UPDATE POSTED: 11/12/2019 AT 1115 MST


ISSUE: There will be a ROSS Production outage tonight, November 12, 2019, starting at 2200 MST to deploy ROSS Version 2.16.16.

START: 11/12/19 AT 2200 MST

END: 11/13/19 AT 0230 MST


Please contact the IIA Helpdesk if you have questions or concerns.


In 1998, the National Wildfire Coordination Group (NWCG) chartered the ROSS Project to automate the manual resource status and ordering business process which primarily operated over telephones.

ROSS operates under the guidance of the National Mobilization Guide and Dispatch Guides / Procedures. Policy is set by NWCG member agencies.

ROSS Project Team
The United States Forest Service (USFS) has been designated by the NWCG as the agency that is accountable for representing the interests of all NWCG member organizations. The USFS is the Managing Partner for ROSS and provides the primary share of financing. Beth Spencer, is the Project Manager who is accountable for all aspects of the system.

VIPR/ROSS interface

The VIPR/ROSS interface was implemented 02/29/2016. Dispatch centers with VIPR Dispatch Priority Lists will see VIPR resources populating both the Resource Status screen and the VIPR tab on the Pending Request screen in ROSS.

Reconciling duplicate resources: It is possible there will be a VIPR resource from the VIPR database and a “hand entered” VIPR resource in your ROSS database. VIPR/ROSS Duplicate Resource Cleanup can help you resolve duplicate resources.

Questions? Contact your ROSS GACC Representative (see list below) or your GACC.

Home >Product FAQs >KKL interface - VAG-COM 409.1 on Windows 7

The shareware version of Ross-Tech's VAG-COM package - version 409.1 - was written in 2004, and so was never designed to work with Windows 7.
Ross-Tech have since released VCDS-Lite, which is compatible with Windows Vista / 7, and so is a better option.Download ross driver license

Download Driver Ross Tech Hex Usb

However, should you still wish to use VAG-COM 409.1, it can be made to do so if installed correctly, using the steps below.
Please note these instructions are only intended for use with our own Gendan brand KKL interfaces, and we cannot guarantee their suitability with other cables. To purchase one of our cables click the link below.

VW Audi Seat Skoda USB Interface for VAG-COM 409.1 or VCDS Lite - most VAG 1996-2003

If your car is a 2005 or newer model, we recommend the full version VCDS package instead.
Stage 1: Install the USB drivers for the interface

To get your interface up and running, you need to install software device drivers for the USB interface.

If you are installing the package on a PC that is connected to the internet, Windows 7 can automatically locate and install suitable drivers via Windows Update.
Just connect the interface to a USB port on the computer - Windows will then show a notification that it is locating and installing device drivers...

...and then another message when the installation is complete...

If the PC you are installing on is not connected to the internet, you will need to download the drivers via another PC and install them before connecting the interface. Windows 7 compatible drivers are available here:
Stage 2: Verify the port settings

Once the drivers are installed, you need to determine which COM port has been assigned to the interface by Windows. To do this you need to go into the Windows Device Manager.
Find the 'Computer' link on the desktop or the Start Menu, click the Right Mouse Button on it and choose Properties:

When the 'System' box appears, click on the Device Manager link on the left hand side:

Then when the Device Manager window appears, click on the arrow next to 'Ports (COM & LPT)' to see which COM port has been assigned to your interface - it will show as a 'USB Serial Port':

VAG-COM 409.1 can only connect to a COM port between COM1 and COM4.
- If the port number assigned to your interface is between 1 and 4, remember which port it's on, then skip to stage 3 - installing VAG-COM.
- If the port number assigned to your interface is higher than 4 (in the example above it is COM8), then you will need to change the port number.
To do this, double-click on the USB Serial Port to go into its properties, then click on the Port Settings tab:

Then click on the 'Advanced' button - this will show you a list of all the COM port numbers you could assign to the interface. Select a port number between 1 and 4 then press ok (if possible choose one that is not shown as 'in use'):

Once that is done, click ok until you are back to the Windows desktop.

Stage 3: Download and install the VAG-COM Software

Next you need to download VAG-COM 409.1 from the Ross-Tech website:
(Use the link for version 409.1 - shown as 'For MODERN SERIAL Interfaces')
Save the file to your computer, then run it.
When installing VAG-COM on Windows 7, it is important that you do NOT install it within the 'Program Files' folder. Windows 7 protects this folder and prevents programs from writing files into it, which would prevent VAG-COM from working.
So when you see the screen showing the location for installation, change it to another folder, e.g. C:Ross-TechVAG-COM:

Once you have changed the installation location, click install, and wait for it to complete installation. The installer may not give a confirmation window - it may just disappear when it is finished.

Stage 4: Configure the VAG-COM software

Finally there are a few changes you need to make to get the software up and running.
VAG-COM requires administrator access to function, so find the shortcut to 'VAG-COM Release 409-1', click the Right Mouse Button on it, and choose Properties.
Then on the Properties page, select the 'Compatibility' tab, and tick the option marked 'Run this program as an administrator':

Click on 'Apply', then 'OK'.
You may need to repeat this for the shortcut on the Start Menu

That should be all the preparation done. The final step is to open the VAG-COM software by that shortcut, go into the Options page, then select the COM port your interface is configured on:

Once you've selected the port, click Test, then OK. You should now be able to use the software.