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  • Qubes OS a secure operating system that I hugely recommand. It is my OS for my laptop and desktop
  • My GPG key. Fingerprint: FB798BFB115895C9C95900649C2B29DD4A62ED27
  • DNS over HTTPS:, or stamps:
    • sdns://AQcAAAAAAAAAETUxLjgzLjQ1LjE2ODo1NDQzIDZZHQ-cGKNPpuvZHvBpV5Yh61COgjs5s1fXT5VjYHxkHTIuZG5zY3J5cHQtY2VydC5uZW93dXRyYW4ub3Zo
    • sdns://gRE1MS44My40NS4xNjg6NTQ0Mw
    • sdns://AgcAAAAAAAAAETUxLjgzLjQ1LjE2ODo4NDQzABFkb2gubmVvd3V0cmFuLm92aAQvZG9o
  • Searx search engine:
  • Peertube instance:
  • to at least have a basic level of privacy
  • How to contact me (low security):
    • Matrix: 'neowutran', domain
    • Jami: 'neowutran'
  • How to contact me (medium and high security): TFC
  • TOR link to this website: zv4geh5hu5kdoijeqyj6fxfssjcawttqpdwlzapzc5cclu2ilm2zphid.onion
  • OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional), OSCE (Offensive Security Certified Expert), OSWE (Offensive Security Web Expert), OSWP (Offensive Security Wireless Professional)

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  • bots for 2019 that are working link - WWW.AGARBOT.OVHHey everyone Agario Bots Are Back For 2019 Hope You Enjoy!!!My channel:
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  • FTP Site grab of FTP.OVH.NET. Grabbed using WGET in January of 2014.