Download OVH Laptops & Desktops Driver

Intel Adds Support for Iris Xe Max Graphics (DG1) - Get Version This driver fixes crashes seen when launching Cyberpunk 2077. AMD64 (64-bit) If you have a 64-bit capable CPU, use the amd64 version. The amd64 architecture (which works even on Intel 64-bit CPUs) can address more memory and may have other performance advantages, but requires a compatible CPU.

OVH public cloud does not support custom ISO installation yet, if you want to use custom ISO, just follow this guide.

1. Reboot into rescue mode, then ssh to your server and download the iso, I'm using 64-bit CentOS minimal image here

Download Ovh Laptops & Desktops Drivers

2. Install a QEMU/KVM

3. Run QEMU

4. SSH to your remote server from your local computer

5. Open VNC client and connect to this address: localhost:5900 (you can download VNC Client @

Download ovh laptops & desktops drivers

6. Begin the custom ISO installation, note that you must install the OS to /sdb, not sda

7. After finish installing, exit rescue mod and reboot the cloud server normaly, you may need to re-config your server network (see

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