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Step 3: Download ADB drivers for Windows. Step 4: Extract it and head over to the file “androidwinusb.inf”. Right click and install. Step 5: Restart you’re P.C. (Mac and Linux users continue from here). Step 6: Head over to the Oculus app on your phone and turn on Oculus Quest. Make sure you are on the same WiFi network. Joined the Oculus PTC beta and since earlier today i'm getting the 'Update USB drivers' message again. Thought I'd fixed it after installing the latest Nvidia drivers and Windows 10 1903, but now the message is back. Free oculus rift s driver v17 download download software at UpdateStar - 1,746,000 recognized programs - 5,228,000 known versions - Software News. Fix for MSI laptops stuck with old Nvidia drivers Tips & Tricks So there was this problem affecting many MSI laptops where using any Nvidia driver beyond 417.71 would result in a black screen after a few seconds on the Rift S. Download hundreds of Oculus Quest VR experiences. Step into a new virtual world with downloadable games, apps, entertainment, and more. Play solo or with friends.

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Get to know the spectacular features of this portable visual field

As the latest entry in the pioneering compact perimeter design line of OCULUS, the Smartfield is purposefully optimized for monitoring functional impairment in glaucoma. Full compliance with Goldmann standards makes the Smartfield ideal for all common examinations of the central field of vision up to 30°. Despite its compactness, the Smartfield perimeter has the capacity to test the visual field up to 60° horizontally and 50° vertically. The height-adjustable chin rest and measuring head allow maximum patient comfort.


SPARKtacular features:

  • Save Time - The OCULUS Smartfield is FAST

  • Save Space - The OCULUS Smartfield is SMALL and PORTABLE

  • Save Money - The OCULUS Smartfield is AFFORDABLE

SPARK Strategy

It takes only three minutes to perform a threshold visual field exam with the SPARK strategy. The SPARK strategy is based on statistical relationships between threshold values corresponding to different locations in the glaucomatous visual field, derived after analyzing more than 90 000 perimetric examinations. The large amounts of available statistical data make fast and very precise measurements of the threshold values in the central visual field possible.

The OCULUS Smartfield makes a wide range of functions available to you even in confined spaces. Thanks to its extremely compact design and reduced weight you can use it just about anywhere. The Smartfield is only 332 mm wide, 477 mm inches deep and 402 mm inches high. The enclosed viewer gives you even more flexibility because it allows you to perform examinations independent of room brightness.

With the OCULUS Smartfield, you purchase a complete perimeter for a reasonable price and still receive high performance: One of the big assets of OCULUS quality is that you save money long-term. Our products not only bear the 'Made in Germany' seal of craftsmanship, they also require less maintenance. And so this asset pays off directly in money.

Short examination times

Independent of room brightness

The enclosed viewer gives you even more flexibility because it allows you to perform examinations independent of room brightness.

All essential examination programs included

Download Oculus Drivers

The OCULUS Smartfield is designed for maximum efficiency and diagnostic safety. This is why its software contains all important examination programs in a user-friendly design.


Short examination times

Oculus Drivers

In addition to supra-threshold tests the Smartfield also enables you to carry out threshold tests in a minimum of time.


We at OCULUS equip our products with everything our customers need to operate them efficiently. That's why you don't need any additional software to integrate the Smartfield into your network. You get it delivered already compatible.

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